What is Chrome Music Lab?

What is Chrome Music Lab?

Chrome Music Lab is a website which makes music learning more accessible by allowing users to do hands-on experiments.

What are the uses of it?

Chrome Music Lab has been used by many teachers to help them explore the connections between music and science, math, and art. They have been using it in combination with live instruments and dance. Below is a list of uses that we have found on Twitter.

Is it possible to use it to create my own songs?

Yes. You can make your own songs with the Song Maker experiment.

Do I need to make an account?

It’s not true. You can simply open any experiment you like and get started.

How were these built?

All of our experiments were built using freely available web technology like Web Audio API, WebMIDI and Tone.js. This makes it easy for coders create new interactive music experiences. Github has the open-source code for many of these experiments.

What devices do these work on?

These experiments can be used on any device – tablets, phones, laptops – by simply opening the site in a web browser like Chrome.

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