Tebas slams PSG as ‘the enemy’ and ‘team of legends’ after signing Messi

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, has resigned from PSG following the capture of Lionel Messi from Barcelona. He called them ‘the enemy’ as well as ‘as dangerous and the Super League’. This was after a series high-profile signings by the French outfit.

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Barcelona has been in turmoil following Messi’s departure. He left Barcelona on a free transfer, after 21 years at Nou Camp. The club is now facing rebuilding as they struggle with a crippling financial crisis.

PSG have started a summer spree, signing Messi as their superstar. Sergio Ramos was also taken by Real Madrid from Sergio Ramos, while Achraf Hakimi from Inter and AC Milan, and Georginio Woijnaldum from Liverpool

While the Ligue 1 side has a star-studded lineup ready to challenge the European honours, Tebas has savaged them and called them ‘a League of Legends’ because they are too old. Messi turned 34 recently and Ramos 35 – but PSG also have Neymar (29), in his prime, and Kylian Mbappe who flourished at 22.

He slammed them and said that they were a problem to solve. He also insisted that Barcelona would get their money back from Messi’s sale and continue working against ‘club states’ such as PSG.

He said that the PSG looked like the league of legends due to the age of some of its players. ‘LaLiga has young players like Vinicius (Junior). We will solve the problem of PSG. The PSG’s actions are as dangerous as the Super League.

“We will continue to grow, despite Messi’s departure. We will oppose the club states. These clubs are just as hostile as the Super League.

He stated that no player in LaLiga is ‘essential’, and that the league would rebound from any sale of any player. He also warned that PSG’s current spending wasn’t sustainable.

“Currently, PSG spends over 600 million euros per year on salaries. Television in France will not pay more than 70 millions euros. They declared 30 percent more commercial losses than the European average… this is not sustainable. It cannot happen.

‘I miss Messi, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano [Ronaldo]… but nobody is essential. Ronaldo’s and Neymar’s departures seemed like a disaster, but we continued to grow. It will happen to Messi too, I don’t care about anything.

Neymar’s PS220m move to PSG in 2017 and Ronaldo leaving for Juventus for PS100m the year after, LaLiga is now short of big draw names due to Messi’s departure, which was a sad one despite his desire for staying.

Messi had previously declared his desire to leave the club following a disappointing 2019-20 season. However, he was prepared to commit his future to the club despite ongoing financial difficulties.

The club was unable to pay their talisman, and they were having trouble registering players. He had to look for new pastures, as PSG was the only club that could afford his PS30m per year salary.

His farewell press conference was emotional as he stressed that his family had settled in Catalonia.

He said that he was convinced by his family that he wanted to stay in Barcelona. He said, “We thought that we would be staying in Barcelona. Today, I have to say goodbye.”

“We have always called this place our home. We feel at home here and we were hoping to stay in Barcelona.”




Messi made his much-anticipated debut at PSG as a substitute in the 2-0 victory against Reims.

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