“Squid Game” is now the most watched series on Netflix!

"Squid Game" is now the most watched series on Netflix!

“Squid Game” is now the most watched series on Netflix!

You have probably been curious for a long time and asking your self, what is Netflix most streamed/watched series, here is the answer as of today, The tough Korean drama squid game has racked up 111 million viewers around the world, making it the most watched /streamed series on the global streaming platform Netflix.

South Korean drama ‘Squid Game is the first to break the record for Netflix’s most watched TV show of all time.

The streaming giant’s an update that was posted on the 22nd of this week, the show reached 111 million views, eclipsing the “Bridgerton” in 2020 with its record of 82 million views.

The dystopian show launched to acclaim immediately on the 17th of September and has since continued to trend of virality on social media.

Netflix Chief Executive Ted Sarandos had earlier predicted that the show would have with a “very good chance” of being the most watched show ever an impressive achievement for a non-English show.

Incredibly, the series wasn’t always a success. Director and creator, Hwang Donghyuk, has revealed during an interview with the media company had initially rejected the script that was originally conceived as an feature film.

“Squid Game” has remained in the top 10 of Netflix’s list across 94 countries. It is the first Korean show to make it to the top spot on the list in the United States.

It is important to note it is important to note that Netflix view counts are recorded every two minutes that is sufficient to indicate that the selection was deliberate.

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