PSG’s strategy in getting Mbappe to renew

Paris Saint-Germain made Kylian Mbappe a net offer of 25 million euros per year. The forward rejected it and Leonardo stated that there would be no further offers.

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Without giving any figures, he suggested that the offer was at par with the best players around the world. However, many believe that this is completely irrelevant with Mbappe likely signing with Real Madrid for a free transfer in 2022.

PSG will not stop trying to get Mbappe to sign a precontract agreement and talk to other clubs until January 1.

Two-season new offer

PSG hopes to bring the rounds down a bit. MARCA learned that Mbappe will be signed for two seasons in October, and that the salary offered by Leonardo is now higher than the one previously offered.

PSG made Mbappe two offers, but both were rejected. They have attempted to tempt him for a long while and may now offer a shorter deal to play on Mbappe’s desire to win in the Champions League.

Messi and Neymar

Neymar and Lionel Messi share a strong friendship. The Brazilian has stated that he wants to play alongside Mbappe for many more years.

Neymar’s presence can be a valuable asset in negotiations for Parisian clubs, while there is hope in Paris that Mbappe and Messi can form a formidable partnership on the pitch.

Mbappe is determined to travel to Real Madrid. However, he likes the idea of playing alongside Neymar and Messi in a trio who are favorites to win the Champions League.

Macron’s messages

Football and politics have been often incompatible. There is a similar sentiment about Emmanuel Macron, the French president, and his attempt to intervene into the Mbappe saga.

Macron made it clear on the occasions he visited Clairefontaine (the home of the French national soccer team), that he should stay in Paris as he is a role-model for young people.

MARCA can also confirm that these messages were not only public, as Macron reached out to Macron in a personal capacity. It is possible that Macron will do this again.

Support from the fans

PSG has a boisterous fan base that attends matches. However, they did not whistle at Mbappe during this season’s opening Ligue 1 match. Mbappe may have changed his mind after being criticised for failing to win Euro 2020. He could be helped by the support of the fans for a year.

PSG gets involved in Mbappe’s charities

PSG has the option to provide invaluable support to the striker for his charitable endeavors. Mbappe is committed to helping Paris’ most vulnerable children, and his foundation was established in 2019.

PSG has already assisted Neymar in setting up schools in Brazil. Nasser Al Khalaifi went so far as to travel to Brazil with Neymar’s father to see those schools.

Important agreement with Qatar

This is yet another way that PSG secured Neymar a new deal. The ambassador of Qatar National Bank (QNB), one the club’s sponsors and one of Doha’s most powerful financial institutions, was the Brazilian in 2018.

Accor and Nike are the main sponsors of the club at the moment. Mbappe, one of the most highly-sought-after footballers worldwide, could have these opportunities.

Establish relations with the Mbappe clan

Real Madrid’s unsuccessful attempts to sign Mbappe left the forward and his family in an awkward position. PSG has had strained relations with Leonardo, while the player is not known to be a good friend.

Al-Khelaifi will be given the task of bridging between the parties. He will also try to persuade Mbappe’s parents to encourage their son to resign with PSG.

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