How to Use Spotify Web Player

How to Use Spotify Web Player

How to Use Spotify Web Player

Spotify is a streaming platform that allows you to stream music on your mobile devices and desktop, with your Spotify app you can stream your favorite music on your devices.

It is less known by people that Spotify offers streaming services for web-based players too. With Spotify Web Player you can access Spotify music from your desktop’s web browser. Making use of Spotify Web Player, you don’t need to install the Spotify app on your devices to access your music. With a web browser, a Spotify account, and you are good to go to listen to your favorite tracks on the web.

Spotify Web Player works just like the desktop app. You can use Web Player from any web browser on your computer/desktop (e.g Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera)

How to Access Spotify Web Player

To access Spotify Web Player all you need is your Spotify account login details, as you’ll be needing those to log in to the Spotify web player. Do you need a premium Spotify account? No, You can make use of either the free or the premium Spotify accounts with the web player.

How to Use Spotify Web Player

  1. To use Spotify Web Player, Launch your default or most used web browser on your computer and access Spotify Web Player.
  2. Click on login at the top-right corner of the Spotify site.
  3. On the next screen, put in your login details and click on Log In.
  4. You will need to Sign Up for Spotify, create a new account for yourself If you don’t already have a Spotify account.

How to Use Spotify Web Player

On logging into your account, you’ll see Spotify Web Player’s main interface.

You can now access Spotify features, start playing your favorite songs with Spotify Web Player in your web browser.

Features of Spotify Web Player

Just Like the desktop app, Spotify Web Player also has several features.

With Spotify web player things you could do includes searching music, playing music, accessing your libraries, and even viewing and making new music playlists.

Here are the options you will find on Spotify Web Player’s interface.


On the left sidebar, the first item you’ll come across is Home. Clicking on the home option will take you to Spotify Web Player’s main screen, where you can find and play your music. This main screen includes, where you will find the music recommendations, playlists made for you, your recently played songs, and more.

How to Use Spotify Web Player
This is the point where you begin to explore this web-based player.


Looking for your favorite music, all you have to do is select Search the left sidebar. This automatically opens Spotify’s standard search page, At the search page, all you have to do is type your search queries.

How to Use Spotify Web Player

The next thing you would be looking at is the search results for your query. On the same screen, you’ll be looking at various genre options to find songs in them.

Your Library

The Library section in the left sidebar is where you will find your personalized content. On Selecting this option, you’ll see the playlists, podcasts, artists, and albums you follow on this streaming service.

How to Use Spotify Web Player

If you find out that those sections are empty, that’s because you are yet to follow any item. To start following someone, click on one of those tabs and then click on the Find button.

Create a Playlist on Spotify

Would you like to create a new playlist for your songs, click on Create Playlist from the sidebar on the left? After that, you can enter a name for your playlist and add songs to it.

How to Use Spotify Web Player

Automatically the playlist syncs with your Spotify account, so you should see it on all your devices where you use the same account.

Liked Songs

Liked Songs is where all the songs you have “liked” are located. On clicking on the heart icon for a song in Spotify, the service adds that song to this list.

How to Use Spotify Web Player

If you’re a newbie to Spotify and haven’t liked a song yet, select the Find Songs button to find and add songs to this list.


If you would like to upgrade your Spotify account, Looing at the top of Spotify Web Player, you’ll see an Upgrade button. Click on the button if you’d like to upgrade your Spotify account.

How to Use Spotify Web Player

On clicking the button, a new tab would be opened in your browser and redirect you to the standard Spotify site, where you can select a new plan for your account.

Your Name

Looking at the Upgrade button, you’ll locate your account name. Click on this option to show various options for your account.

How to Use Spotify Web Player
This menu offers the following options:

  • Account: Click on this option if you would like to view and modify your Spotify account settings.
  • Profile: Click on this option if you would like to view and edit your Spotify profile.
  • Upgrade to Premium: With the upgrade to a premium option, you can upgrade your Spotify account to the premium version of Spotify.
  • Log out: This option takes you off the Spotify Web Player in your browser.

Spotify Music Player

How to Use Spotify Web Player

When you want to play a music track, at the bottom part of the screen, you’ll see a mini-player. This is the player that enables you to control the playback of your Spotify music. With Mini-player of the Spotify web player, you can make use of the heart icon, to add the currently playing song to your Liked Songs list. You can also shuffle your music by choosing the shuffle icon to randomly play your songs.

Then, you have the previous, play/pause, and the next buttons. At the player there you can also locate the repeat button to play the current music track in a loop.

At the right area side of the mini-player, you can click on the Lyrics option to view the current playing song lyrics. Click on the Queue icon to preview your queued songs.

When making use of Spotify on another device, you can manage the playback activity on all your devices with the Connect to a device option in the mini-player.

To adjust the volume, you have an option at the extreme right of the mini-player to adjust the volume levels. To increase the volume drag the slider of the volume to the left to decrease the volume, or drag the slider of the volume to the right to increase the volume.

Limitations of Spotify Web Player

One of the great aspects of making use of the Spotify Web Player to access your favorite music without installing an app is one of the cool features of the Spotify web player but it comes with certain limitations.

First of all, the Spotify web player plays music at a bit rate and that’s lower than what you get in the desktop app. You might not pay attention to notice this if you only occasionally stream music, but as an avid music listener, you’ll immediately notice the change.

Secondly, by making use of the desktop app you can save songs for offline use but you can’t save songs for offline use with the Spotify web player. The Spotify web player only works with an active internet connection.

Stream Spotify Without an App

If you’re a user of a shared computer, or you want to avoid installing one more app on your machine, Spotify Web Player is the best way to listen to your favorite songs without an app. This Web player works on the major web browser and doesn’t require you to install anything on your computer.



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