How to Change Your Apple Music Subscription & Spotify Premium Plan

How to Change Your Apple Music Subscription & Spotify Premium Plan

How to Change Your Apple Music Subscription & Spotify Premium Plan

How to Change Your Apple Music Subscription & Spotify Premium Plan

Looking at the two biggest digital music streaming platform, Apple Music and Spotify, both music streaming platform offers more than 70 million songs at high streaming quality over a couple of plans. Looking at how most of us or how most music streaming lovers are familiar with both Apple Music and Spotify and know of their identical plans, compared to each other, they both have subscription plans for individuals, families, students, and the price of each of this plan are all the same as the table shown below.

How to Change Your Apple Music Subscription & Spotify Premium Plan How to Change Your Apple Music Subscription & Spotify Premium Plan

Here is a question, how can you change your subscription plan, when you started with one plan but you want to switch mid-subscription, or do you want to stop using a Family sub-account to start off on your own? Here is the most interesting thing is, depending on the platform you operate, switching plans works differently. In this article/discussion, you will learn how to easily change your subscription plans for Spotify and Apple Music on all platforms.

Part 1: How to Change Apple Music Subscription Plan

Looking at how Apple Music offers three months free trial, when you are new to the apple music, streaming app, after which there are three plans available. An Individual apple music subscription plan costs N900 a month. A Family plan, which permits up to six members on the subscription, costs N1,400 a month. Lastly, we have the College Student plan, which costs N450 per month.

Are you planning to change your apple music plan, You can change your apple music plan through the platform like iOS device, Mac computer, Android app, or Apple TV. Let us walk you by each step below and a switch can be done in a couple of minutes

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Step 1: Go to the Setting app on your device, select your name at the top-right part of the page.

Step 2: Select “Subscriptions” under your Apple ID profile

Note: On looking at your screen, if you cant find “Subscriptions” in the Settings app, select “iTunes & App Store” instead. select your Apple ID (Mostly it is your email address), then select View Apple ID. Sign in, scroll to Subscriptions, then select Subscriptions.

Step 3: On this page, you will be able to select a new plan. When you select one, you will be asked to confirm your activity by signing into your Apple ID. Please take note that, if you are moving or selected the student plan, you will be taken to a page, where you will verify your university or college enrollment.

Set up Family Sharing: Go back to your Settings app and click on your name at the very top. Navigate and click on Add Family Member and enter their name or email address. For the remaining steps simply follow the onscreen instructions.

On your Mac

Step 1: Open the App Store app.

Step 2: Select the sign-in button or your name you will find at the bottom menu.

Step 3: Select the Profile icon at the top part of the window to enter your profile page, In which might ask you to sign in.

Step 4: On the next page that appears, Navigate to Subscriptions, then select Manage.

Step 5: Select the Edit button next to the subscription plan that you want to change, and click on a different subscription that you would be switching to.

Note: If you are on a family plan and planning to share with your family members, be sure to set up Family Sharing or join an existing family group.

Set up Family Sharing: Locate and Open the Apple icon at the top left part of your screen, then click to open System Preferences and select iCloud. Find the Manage Family and click the + icon and For the remaining steps simply follow the onscreen instructions to finish with your Family plan set up.

On your Apple TV

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to Users & Accounts, then click on your account.

Step 3: Go to Subscriptions.

Step 4: Pick a subscription that you would like to switch.

Part 2: How to Change Spotify Plan

Taking a look at the various Spotify payment plans available, each payment plan comes with the same features, including ad-free music, high-quality streaming, offline streaming, and more. What differentiates each of these plans is the user identity. The standard Spotify Premium plan is the individual plan which costs N900 a month, we also have the premium plan for Duo which costs N1,200, with the Duo account, you can have two premium accounts under the same roof. while there’s also N450 a month plan for college students, and N1,400 a month Family Plan, the Spotify family plan supports up to six accounts.

Important: Changing your Spotify premium plan, is best done through an active internet browser on your Mac device, PC, iPhone, or Android device. You cant get it done through desktop or mobile apps.

Step 1: Go to your browser and visit the Spotify website at If you aren’t signed in already, you can sign into Spotify by clicking “Log In” at the top-right of your screen.

Step 2: Once you have been logged in, At the top-right corner, click on the profile icon, and select “Account” in the menu that appears.

Step 3: Keep scrolling until you find the “Your Plan” option, at the “Your Plan” option is where you can change your Spotify plan or change your payment information. If you want to change your payment method, simply click “Update” to change, or select “Change Plan” to move to another subscription plan. Just like Apple Music, if you put in for the Student plan, your next step is to provide your information of college enrollment.

Set up Family Sharing: If you are on a family plan and you can proceed with inviting members but if no you will need to be subscribed user first in order to change to the family plan. Go to Spotify family webpage Click on UPGRADE, and select the family plan, and put in your payment details to become a premium user.

Secondly, under the account page and click on MANAGE, select an available empty slot and click on INVITE MEMBER by sharing the link or entering the e-mail of the person you want to join the family. Once done, click on SEND INVITE to finish adding members to the family plan.

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